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USThis should have a million notes… we can sit and reblog a bunch of weed post (that gets almost up to 60,000 notes) but we cant reblog something REAL like this.



Wondering if you realize that LESS THAN 1% of white people in the US at the time were slave owners or in anyway involved with the slave trade? Blaming all white people is lazy and deceitful.

This was not from the slavery period.  This was from 1899 or 1900, in Missouri.  This is Frank Embree, who was whipped and made to pose for pictures before he was lynched for alleged assault.  I believe he was only about 19 years old.

All of this was in the caption until someone destroyed it.

I concur with the very first statement. Sometimes people get so caught up in all the foolishness on Tumblr til stuff like this does not cross over to people who are simple minded or common

 Fayette, Missouri, 1899. He was accused of raping a 14-year-old white girl and only confessed after being whipped over 100 times.

Here is more on the incident in full detail as well as the history of lynching in America.

It don’t matter what percentage of whites owned slaves if over 99% of Africans were in slaved in North America, The Caribbean, West Indies, South America and the Middle East. Furthermore, calling blacks lazy because they make you feel guilty is racist because we have always been called lazy despite building this country and being in slaved. No other race could handle the heat and environment of a plantation like an African because we are the original race and everyone else are just descendants.

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